About our School

Westview’s school theme is "Communicating in the 21st Century." All students are given daily opportunities to use technology as a tool for regular communication with each other. Students begin their day by viewing live student news broadcasts on their classroom’s SMART Board and Front Row sound system. Our in-house TV station, WVOW TV, gives students the opportunity to showcase projects and activities from their classroom and share them with the entire school. Our 4th and 5th grade students provide the technical assistance in producing, directing, and editing the programs under the guidance of our enrichment teacher and other staff members. As the day progresses, students continue to use technology to communicate and retrieve information. Every student in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade uses a Google Chromebook daily while researching, creating shared documents, presenting their work, and taking assessments. It is through regular practice that our students become skilled communicators, able to use modern tools to advance their learning.

Our History

Westview School opened its doors in 1951, with seven classrooms and 153 pupils, plus a kindergarten sponsored by the PTA. In 1955-56 a new addition of eight classrooms was added, and these rooms were ready for use in September 1956. In 1957, a special education room was opened for blind students. That year was the top enrollment year with 596 students not including the kindergarten students. The PTA that year sponsored four sessions of kindergarten; two at Westview and two in rented space at St. Peter's Church. Of the regular 21 classrooms, grades one through six, five were first grade rooms. With the implementation of the middle school program in 1977, the school moved to a kindergarten through fifth grade organization. Since 1981, Westview kindergarten has been a full day program.

In 1988 three large additional classrooms were created from under the east side of the first floor. A permanent library / media center was established in the largest of these rooms. The 90's saw the other two classrooms used for kindergarten, a "Writing to Read" computer lab for K-1, special education and then with the reestablishment of the elementary visual art specialist, as an art classroom. In 1998 Westview adopted "Communication in the 21st Century" as the School of Choice theme.

In the fall of 1999 Westview was selected as a site for the "English as a Second Language" program and continues to grow. The 2001/2002 school year represented the 50th anniversary of Westview School. In the summer of 2010, the first phase of a geothermal heating and cooling project began with a projected finishing date for the summer of 2011.

In June of 2012, construction began on six additional classrooms and a new gymnasium. Along with the addition, Westview received a comprehensive floor to ceiling renovation in the existing structure while staff and students spent the school year at "Westview on Kirby," the former home of Carrie Busey School. Doors to the newly renovated Westview campus opened in August of 2013.

Enrichment Program

Westview students in 2nd through 5th grade experience enriching instruction in a variety of ways. Our Enrichment teacher, in collaboration with other staff members, works with more students than ever before to provide rigorous, engaging instruction. All of our 5th grade students participate in co-taught Enrichment through project-based activities in science and social studies three times per week with classroom teachers and the Enrichment teacher.

In 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades, one-third of the students in each grade level receive Enrichment from the Enrichment teacher 4 times per week during our PAWS block time (Promoting Achievement for Westview Students).

In addition, students in these grades who qualified for gifted programming receive small-group pull-out instruction once per week. Units for these grades cover the History of Math and delve into Algebra, Geography, Reading, and Writing. The Enrichment teacher uses the School-wide Enrichment Model and Team Challenges which focus on problem- solving. Students do a variety of projects that include research, Socratic Seminars, Close Writing, and using technology and creativity to express what they learn through multimedia.

We look forward to extending Enrichment opportunities to all of our students in 2nd through 5th grades in the years to come through co-taught units that extend core learning in several subjects. 

School Climate

Our staff models and reinforces high expectations by creating classroom environments focused on mutual respect and learning. Faculty and staff demonstrate professionalism while working together to support students through our school-wide framework of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS). Students are recognized daily, weekly, and monthly for their positive behavior.

We also recognize the importance of character education in developing students who are good citizens. Each month, the social curriculum focuses on a character trait that students learn about through presentations, lessons, and classroom dialogue. Themes are introduced in every classroom and include trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship. With an emphasis on respect for one's self, other people, and property, our entire school community understands that all of us have the right to be treated with respect and the responsibility to treat others with respect.

PAWS Interventions

In addition to the reading curriculum implemented in the classrooms, all students receive targeted reading instruction four times a week for thirty minutes per session during PAWS (Promoting Achievement for Westview Students). Students who are below grade level work with a literacy interventionist in a small group to receive instruction on skill deficits specific to each student. Their progress is assessed every two weeks. New this year, students who are struggling in math receive targeted math interventions from a math interventionist during PAWS.